Our Services

Information Consultant Technology (ICT) Service

The Social Plus provides you a platform for success by delivering a comprehensive closed-loop solution, supporting the key service-centric processes found behind all the consulting and research and development performed as a service at your company.

Finding programs/platforms for weaknesses, resourcing projects effectively, managing project delivery, streamlining operations and regulatory compliance through technology and analyzing through reports the business performance.

We anticipate improvements in efficiency, project control, utilization, customer satisfaction and overall visibility resulting in more effective initiatives.

Our research through interviews initiated at your company, will assist you in creating a streamlined business structure by concentrating on the right menu of software and hardware options.

"Research and Development to Meet Your Business Challenges”
Removal of redundant administrative processes and related costs resulting in greater efficiencies and additional productive hours.

Increased business agility through comprehensive business process management and workflow orchestration within company’s cross departmental communication through different software and/or hardware platforms.

Whether your organization is a promising start-up, filing for IPO or an established player, we can provide the tools to help you manage rapid growth, become more efficient and realize your business vision. Research and development shouldn't get in the way of critical projects. With our research and development management, it won't.