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The Social Plus, a technology services company, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design and delivery of information technology enabled business solutions. It provides various services, including design, custom application development, software and hardware reengineering, maintenance and production support, systems integration, package evaluation and implementation, testing services, operations and business process engineering services, and infrastructure management services.

As an information-technology services outfit, it can help customers meet their technology needs without taking risky bets on which hardware or software will dominate the volatile market.

The Social Plus offers world-class solutions, support and expertise. The key areas in our support and service life cycle methodology include:

High Performance Business research has revealed that top companies distinguish themselves by positioning information-based, technology-enabled services as a strategic asset. Software and Hardware platform investments must be integrated with the overarching business imperatives, and the modern CIO is under increasing pressure to run Information Technology department as a service-oriented business to help generate business value.

The shift from just IT value-capture to IT value-creation is, in many respects, the culmination of a series of advances that have been changing the nature of corporate culture. Service-oriented architectures, software-as-a-service, network convergence, mobility and other trends have sparked noticeable improvements in IT flexibility, processing power, storage capacity and cost variability. New sourcing models, as well as the acceptance of cloud computing as a viable, secure platform, have also set the stage for even faster, more responsive and cost-effective IT capabilities.

Together, these advances require CIOs to build service organizations that can choreograph IT services to respond to business threats and opportunities and drive the enterprise forward, and this is where The Social Plus excellence and knowledge helps CIOs achieve this dual imperative.