Visit Hyundai Transportation (Pacific Express INC.,) And thanks to the referee jinsin.

Meanwhile, the modern transport us and our members once again thank our customers more grateful. Since its establishment in 1988, has grown as a leading intermodal provider Midwestern United States to maritime transport, air transport and warehousing as well as your country and out-of-state moving company as maritime and air transport our modern buses (primary) is. We strive to be the background of this growth is grateful for your support and faith think big and always believe in the name.

Our company is customer satisfaction through reduced transport costs, shipping and customer satisfaction through fast, without neglecting the effort for customer satisfaction through the safe transportation of our customers is also believed to increase support to these efforts is the biggest asset to the referee always samgo . 's why a well-trained professional staff, convenient and specially crafted their own vehicles and modern equipment, safe packing up to 5,000 Square Feet and 1 storage facility, your precious cargo covers and carefully and do my best work under a computerized system .

Please contact me at any time if you have any directors who prepared the Commercial Cargo and return process improvements or even the slightest inconvenience you have questions. Your freight one, please ask the modern professional and reliable transportation services to work on items with a resolution that is jonmang directly with one of our company credit company, one cargo moving your property and you save your valuable time and money neuyi please.

Facilities and Equipment

Return shipping is our contemporary directors / As a professional international moving company accumulated 20 years of experience and advanced equipment and technology, as well as the System is proud Midwest and the best, the experience with these facilities directly protect your wealth, economic logistics, rapid is to ensure the safe transport buses.

  • Workforce

    We carefully packed to place invisible to at least 10 years professional experience overseas cargo moving our modern transportation field staff. Especially professional staff worked for more than 10 years, our company only has half or more of the employees. Such as specialized dining set, TV, desk, kimchi refrigerator, golf clubs, as well as a large moving freight will be able to feel the touch of experts dealing with precious and no plates or glasses.

  • Facilities and Equipment

    It boasts a spacious warehouse and automated best space facilities in the United States, the Midwest is our modern transportation. Is sufficient space to the work of 20,000 Square Feet of Warehouse is a large and secure storage of your valuable property. For other small businesses may be altered or damaged due to a small storage space and other shippers (customers) are often caused by freight.

  • Packaging and Packaging Technology

    The company is the only action that has the space and facilities to work in a large warehouse directly in the Wooden Crate and minimize the damage caused by the shaking of the sea freight to all cargo Packing Company in full. By an experienced staff of more than 10 years committed to being the best safety package freight is being shipped. And serves to protect the valuable assets of the customer minutes as safely designed special packaging for overseas cargo moving enough endurance package (Bubble, etc.) and are standardized Box.

  • Inner Parking Zone

    If bonaesineun car waits for the shipment to Korea by the Yard outside parking place before any shipping company. However, by providing special equipment and space vehicles on the only indoor warehouse, our company is able to hold and operate the System to prevent car accidents or lost and do not know if Scratch last minute. This is the pride of our modern transportation, but you have a large warehouse facility

  • Transportation Equipment

    Stocks haeoeyi use our modern professional vehicle transportation. You can provide your experience (CBM) produced the correct information in the field such as cubic zirconia and Truck of the actual container size. I left as well as have the number of a special device that can safely transport your precious cargo are the property and we will save your time.

  • Inland Transport System

    Will move to the West Coast from Chicago to Long Beach Claim your shipment is. At this time, the Commission will ensure the fastest and most secure inland to BNSF's four largest companies in the United States Rail.

  • Marine Transportation System

    Will arrive in Busan, Incheon on Mondays to depart from CA Long Beach, are to be transported to Korea Customs through Hyundai largest shipping company, maritime transportation. For our company, do all in the name of our company in maritime transport NVOCC (wireless bakunsong here) duly licensed manufacturer. However, most companies are moving freight transportation wish the people of the (third-party) without the permission of his others. Possible to determine whether the company NVOCC once when you select here will be able to be called to ensure the safe transport of your way.

  • Air Transport System

    Life of air cargo is agility because the system was ready for shipping by air and Asiana Shinsong our contract and for the two airlines have all located within 3-5Mile You can also guarantee quick logistics.

  • Customs Support System

    When you arrive in Korea customs clearance procedures are balge. Clearance when customers (shippers) minutes has direct clearance work will be conducted in the presence. In our case, we dopwa sikimyeo resides in the city of customs duties customs clearance specialists. Are submitted to the customs is to create a variety of documents will be able to visit the customs check the documents deulim of our company have been exhibited in the sample on the customs documents at this time. It can be recognized by the customs Standard will wear as well as cargo handling business documents (System) even.

Our History Timeline