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About Us

We meet our client's expectations with high quality services. As a result, all our projects are completed successfully and with great distinction. Our professionalism, dedication and commitment to our clients is always recognized and highly appreciated.

Collaboratively, The Social Plus works with the clients to plan, install, operate and improve the Software, Hardware and IT services that are vital to their businesses with the goal of decreasing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing the return on investment (ROI).

Within our clients' budgetary parameters, our expert staff resourcefully creates solutions to service and support, using a consultative approach. Then, The Social Plus identifies which components of their business can profit from our services, changing technology departments from an overhead into a tactical advantage. Streamlining our client's Information Consultant Technology (ICT) through an extensive range of services and customized solutions, we efficiently make the most of the opportunities and sustain their lead while alleviating the risk that consistently goes with reliance on technological systems and practices. We help organizations align their information technology services (software and hardware) with their business requirements by offering both end-to-end solutions and needs-driven consultation. Being the cornerstone of our reputation, we also provide on-going expertise and support.


Think outside of the box. We are not afraid of it


You like to dream big? We'll brainstorm and wireframe your ideas.


We will make it happen on time and within budget.