How we do it?

We are using latest and most advanced technologies to provide products you are looking for.


What we do?


From usability to aesthetics

User Research

User needs, preferences..

Visual Design

Design elements

Interaction Design

Engaging user interactions

Frontend Development

Bringing your ideas to life, one pixel at a time.


Accessible to all users

Code optimization

Efficient and scalable


Designers, developers

Backend Development

Behind the scenes, powering your success.


Communication language


Third-party services and tools

Maintenance & updates

Website stays up-to-date

Mobile Development

Innovative solutions, at your fingertips.


Developing for Android, iOS, Windows


Protect the user's sensitive data.

App store submission

Approved and available for download.

Additional advantages
High quality

At The Social Plus, we guarantee exceptional quality by providing the latest software solutions and implementing the highest level of application security measures.

Ready for future development

With the solutions we implement, your product has the flexibility to be expanded or modified to meet the evolving needs of your business and changes in the market.


Our team of certified backend engineers can be tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.


Our use of established and reliable backend technologies is suitable for businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to enterprises.


At our company, we are experienced in handling online payments, sensitive business information, and personal data. Our backend products adhere to the strictest security standards to ensure maximum protection.

Easy to maintain

At our company, we prioritize the integration and delivery of high-quality assurance practices. Our code is meticulously crafted and structured, ensuring that it is easy to update and modify as needed.